What is a Digital Nomad?

I am a digital nomad. I know you are thinking, what on Earth is a digital nomad?

Simple, a digital nomad is a person who can do their work from anywhere is the world and typically does not have a permanent address. We traverse the globe and live and die by available Wi-Fi connections. I get a lot of questions about this lifestyle so here are some answers.

Q: It only really works for programmers and few lucky travel writers right?

A: False, I have met nomads that do all kinds of work. I have nomad friends that are life coaches, copywriters, business consultants, entrepreneurs and of course a few programmers. I make sales calls all day. I am able to call my customers in the U.S from anywhere in the world with a VOP app from my Smartphone. If you are a bricklayer or a garbage man you might have to acquire a new skill set to live this lifestyle. The rest of you have more options to become a digital nomad than you think.

Q: How did I start on this lifestyle?

A: In January a started with my current company. The company is a virtual company, meaning everyone works from home. The only different between me and my co-workers is my home changes every few weeks. My employer and I agreed as long as I get my work done I can do it from anywhere is the world. I have been working from Costa Rica and Florida. I plan to move on to Europe or New York in the fall. I have to think about time zones as I have to call back to the U.S for work. In Europe, I will just have to work in the evening. Asia would be hard because I would have to work in the middle of the night.

Q: What about your mail?

A: Online banking has taken care of a lot of issues surrounding mail. Other than that everything goes to my parent’s house and my Dad lets me know if something important comes.

Q: Where do you stay?

A: For the most part I had been using Airbnb. Recently I have been staying at a property in Miami operated by a new company offering co-living designed for digital nomads called Roam (see my blog post, Roaming in Miami and www.roam.co for more info). They currently have properties in Miami, Bali and Madrid. Roam has really filled a void in the market. You are able to find a community in a new place from the moment you arrive. That was something that I struggled with and am really enjoying my time here. Those are just a few options that available and what works for me. The possibilities are endless.

Q: So you carry everything you own around with you? What about your stuff?

A: This lifestyle is based more on experience than on stuff. Most of us own very few things. That said, most of us have some things stored somewhere. I have a small closet at my parent’s house. I go home every few months and swap out clothes based on the destination. My advice is to always travel light. No matter how long you are planning to travel you don’t need more than a week’s worth of clothing. You can always wash things. Pack clothes that can be mixed and match that are easy to care for. DO NOT pack for every situation. If you find yourself in need of something they have these great things called stores all over the world. It is easier to buy those just in case things than it is to carry them around the world.

Q: Don’t you ever get tired of the nomad Lifestyle?

A: Don’t you ever get tired of living in the same house all of the time?